Vegetable Of The Sea

From the restaurants of Michelin starred chefs, through to products found in the local supermarket, species of seaweed are increasingly finding their way onto plates around the UK. Colours, textures and flavours the sheer variety of sea vegetables opens up an extraordinary range of culinary opportunity.
Used dried or fresh, seaweeds can be eaten as a snack, are great with seafood, provide a unique flavour enhancer to dishes, stocks and soups, and makes delicious seasonings. While flavours and textures vary from species to species, one of the defining characteristics of seaweed is umami – the “yum” savoury flavour.
Here at New Wave Foods we can expertly guide you through our range of species. From restaurants to food manufacturers, we can help you find the best solution for your product to maximise the amazing flavours and nutrition of New Wave seaweeds.