The wilderness of the Highlands
plays host to an unrivalled food larder,
seaweed can now be added to the list.

After months of exploring the best locations with the cleanest waters to harvest seaweed, our research led us to an area in the north of Scotland. A wilderness that boasts miles of remote shoreline, with clean cool unpolluted waters that grows naturally nutritious, tasty seaweed.
Our passion in harvesting seaweeds for food puts product quality at the forefront of all we do. As a result, we harvest all our seaweed by hand and each species is only picked in season.
That’s not the end of the story, far from it. The fresh seaweed arrives at our processing facility a matter of hours after being picked.  Here it is carefully inspected and washed before being dried at low temperatures to mimic natural conditions. The dried seaweed can then be milled and packed to customer specification.
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Our seaweed is 100% traceable, with strict controls and testing to ensure our seaweed is always safe and delicious for human consumption.
Environmental stewardship is at the heart of New Wave Foods. For this new industry, we have developed sustainable harvesting practices to ensure that this natural resource is carefully managed. We harvest at sites under license to agreed quotas, rotating harvestings areas to allow regrowth.