An extraordinary ingredient,
nutrient dense and packed full
of goodness

Seaweeds uniquely absorb nutrients from the sea as they grow. As a result they are bursting with goodness and are incredibly beneficial to add to our diet.
While each individual species boasts its own amazing health benefits, the list below gives some of the key nutrients common to New Wave seaweeds;


  • Excellent source of high-quality protein
  • Ultra-low fat content
  • High dietary fibre
  • Natural source of vitamins (e.g. vitamin B6, vitamin B12)
  • Natural source of minerals (e.g. potassium, manganese)
  • Rich in iodine – great for thyroid function
  • Salty flavour with a fraction of the sodium
Edible seaweeds are currently the focus of detailed scientific studies into functional health benefits. Alongside our work, we  monitor ongoing research into the amazing potential properties of Seaweed. This includes work into satiation and weight loss, and look forward to seeing more amazing nutritional properties of seaweed being unlocked.