Full of umami flavour and
packed with nutrition, seaweed
is a truly sustainable food of the future.

As a group of people who have extensive experience in Scottish seafood, a few years ago we noticed a natural resource on our doorstep that was not being utilised – Seaweed!!


A popular food around the world, yet in Scotland, where we have the perfect conditions for high quality seaweed to grow, we have largely ignored this fantastic local resource.
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Scottish seaweed is not only tasty but exceptionally healthy. It’s low in fat, high in protein, bursting with vitamins and minerals and a great source of iodine.


From the complex garlicky notes of Pepper Dulse through to the subtle umami flavours of Sea Spaghetti, the range of species in the Scottish waters offers an enormous range of gastronomic possibilities.
Today not only are we able to supply you with the highest quality Scottish seaweeds, we are also able to guide you through the various species and match them to best fit your requirements.


From sea vegetables, to seasonings, to stocks we can guide you on how to utilise this raw material to make products and dishes healthier and tastier!